My Favorite Spots in Paris


Robert et louise

64 rue Vieille du Temple

75003 Paris

01 42 78 55 89

My favorite restaurant in Paris! They self-describe as “Restaurant of Fire.” No molecular gastronmy here…  Small, simple, but excellent. No fanfare, thankfully. Food cooked in a wood hearth on a chromed planche; terrific grilled meats and boudin noir, excellent sautéed potatoes. Sit at the bar or the big table, don’t sit downstairs. Go twice – by the second visit they’ll treat you like family, as often happens in France. You must promise not to tell anyone about it…


Le Comptoir du Relais

Carrefour de l'Odéon

75006 Paris

Tel: 33 1 44 27 07 97

Very good, but on the radar in a big way, so it's hard to get one of their very small tables. It’s usually packed, often with Americans who’ve read about it, but join the queue (no reservations). It’s well worth the wait, which is generally not too long. Watch out for americans in summer, though. A late lunch, about 3pm, is the ticket.


Café De La Nouvelle Mairie

19 Rue des Fossés Saint-Jacques

75005 Paris

01 44 07 04 41

My second favorite in Paris is a sweet, very well done bar à vin naturel in the 5th up behind the Pantheon that we found one day on walk around the neighborhood where we were staying. I don't really want to broadcast it, but you would like it, i think. Organic, biodynamic wines and well prepared, simple food, include sausages and patés like they used to be. Busy at lunch, so go early or, preferably, late. Cash only ("no carte bleu," no credit cards). I go there every time!!



5 rue des Fossés Saint-Marcel

75005 Paris

01 43 31 86 48

Had a very good meal here, but maybe I was just notalgic for the taste of French food. Simple delicious food, a youngish chef cooking by himself. Michelin Star food in a neighborhood spot in a remote part of the 5th. Call ahead for a table. Excellent. Say hi to the chef when you’ve dined.


Bistro Paul Bert

8 rue Paul Bert

75011 Paris

01 43 72 24 01

Also on the radar and therefore busy, often many americans, but very, very good. Go for a late lunch if you can. I especially like the hure de cochon, a house speciaité.


Le Chateubriand

129 Avenue Parmentier

Paris 75011

01 43 57 45 95

Hard to get in, one of the top – and best – of the new French places run by Michelin Star ex-pats.  If you can get a reservation, you’ll enjoy it. And its humble offspring…


Le Dauphin

131 Avenue Parmentier

Paris 75011

01 55 28 78 88


La Gazzetta

29, rue de Cotte

Paris 75012

01 43 47 47 05

Lunch, 16 euros; dinner, 38 to 50 euros.

A terrific place with a chef who has cooked around the city and elsewhere, and therefore has an eclectic menu. Still, can often be great. Younger than many places, hipper, too.


If you want an old-school Bistro, Go to...


Chez Georges

rue Mail, in the 2nd

can’t gowrong there. 


L’As du Falafel – the falafel ace!

34, rue des Rosiers, 75004

01 48 87 63 60


Bistros - Where I still prefer to eat


Les Provinces

20, rue d’Aligre

Paris 75012
01 43 43 91 64

Excellent butcher and restaurant near Marché d’Aligré, an excellent neighborhood market that worth a visit


If you're in the Aligré areA (not far from Gare de Lyon), Check out...


Le Baron Rouge

1 Rue Théophile Roussel

75012 Paris

01 43 43 14 32

It’s a good local – few or no tourists! – wine bar with a few tasty bite on hand. You can buy good wine from the barrel and take it home for very cheap.



Parvis Gare St.-Lazare, Rue Interieure

Paris 75008



La Rotonde Montparnasse

105 boulevard du Montparnasse

Paris 75006



Café des Abattoirs

10, rue Gomboust

Paris 75001


Owned by the daughters of the famous Parisien chef, Michel Rostaing. Excellent, old school in spirit, but a serious place with no messing around.


Le Pantruche

3, rue Victor Massé

Paris 75009

(33-1) 48-78-55-60

My close friend, Sean, who lives in Paris half the year, says this place is fantastic!


New places of curiosity, with good reviews and recommendations; haven't dined there but would love to...



01, rue Vieille du Temple

75003 Paris

Réservation 01 42 74 44 32



3 rue Ste Croix de la Bretonnerie

75004 Paris

Réservartion 01 42 74 71 52

Both Jaja and Glou are owned by Julien Fouin, author of “Cusines Paysannes” and “Beurk! C’est bon,” which is about offal



52 rue de Richelieu

Paris 75001

01 42 97 54 40



 6 rue Bailleul

Paris 75001

01 45 96 05 72


La Buvette

67, rue St.-Maur

Paris 75011

 (33-9) 83-56-94-11. 

Try this one out for sure. It’s run by a woman cooking – and everything else – by herself. It’s NOT Buvette in NYC, owned by Jodi Willams. 

Header Image: "macarons" by Robyn Lee is licensed under CC BY 2.0