These are some of the places I’ve liked in Nice, and though I haven’t been to any of them in years, little changes in French restaurants. Keep in mind that Nice is tourist center and not cheap except where noted. Many French restaurants offer a “menu” that is a often very good deal; usually a starter (entrée), main dish (plat), and dessert. Often, smaller, less expensive, neighborhood restaurants are cash only, so check their policies before you go and get surprised. 

Excellent place, busy and yummy

Typical, very French, good place. Nothing extraordinary but food well done.  

CHEZ PALMYRE (no website) 
5 rue Droite
33 4 93 85 72 32
Meaty, local, typical, very good and usually PACKED! 

RESTAURANT DE GESU  (no website)
1 Rue de Jésus, 06000 Nice
33 4 93 62 26 46           
Local, simple place with good food (cash only)