A classic Cassoulet for your New Year's Eve celebration

WE’ve sold out – Thank you for your enthusiasm!!!

Cassoulet is a delicious, traditional dish from the southwest of France, made with duck confit, Toulouse-style sausage (sea salt and white pepper) and salted pork belly, layered with garlicky, tomato-y Tarbais beans braised in duck stock, baked under a crust of breadcrumbs. I'll be making a limited number of these delights for New Year's Eve and offering them for sale as long as supplies last. 10 of each size, that’s it! So hurry and place your order, as it's first come, first served! 

Each order will include a clay baking dish, or cazuela (which you keep!), filled with the handmade delights described above, plus breadcrumbs, duck fat to moisten the crumbs, and duck stock for keeping the cassoulet juicy, all provided in containers separate from the meats and beans. You'll need to add a little duck stock to the assembled cassoulet, top it with the breadcrumbs, and bake for 1 hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours at 350º F, breaking the crust several times with a sharp-edged kitchen spoon, and turning them onto themselves, to darken the crumbs evenly. Purists say 5 to 7 times is necessary, and I agree, mostly, though 7 seems a lot. 3 to 5 is good. DOWNLOAD even handed cooking instructions HERE.

Cassoulet is terrific with a chicory or butter lettuce salad in a mustardy dressing, dusted with chopped chives, with crusty, rustic bread. Madiran, Cahors, Corbières, or other Languedoc wine is a good choice. Poached pears or baked apples with crème fraîche are the correct dessert.

Available in two sizes:
For four - $185.00
For six - $250.00

It's a pretty simple way to an excellent dinner. So hurry and place your order, as numbers are limited. First come, first served!

Bon appetit!