After raising chickens at home for many years, it’s near to impossible to eat an egg from anywhere else.  We let our chickens roam the garden during the day, eating grasses, bugs, worms, pecking stones (they need grit to mash their food, as they lack teeth to chew their food). The remarkable golden yellow yolks from chickens such as these are mesmerizing.  I like poached eggs on toasted country bread, crust trimmed, with olive oil and a mild chili pepper, such as (Aleppo or Marash) or cracked black pepper (buy the wonderfully perfumed Tellicherry). 

Start with room temperature, or nearly room temperature pastured eggs.  Heat a pot of water to poaching temperature, 180ºF/82ºC.  When ready, add white wine vinegar at 1 TBL per quart of water. Swirl the water in circular motion with a spoon.  Crack the egg and drop it into the water just off center of the swirl.  Cook extra large eggs for 3½ to 4 minutes, with no motion in the water.  While the egg is cooking, toast the bread.  When your toast pops up, slather it with unsalted butter and salt the toast with flakey salt; Maldon, Ceylon, or a similar salt is a good choice.  Lift the egg from the water with a slotted stainless spoon. Allow the water to drip off, and touch the back of the spoon to a cloth or paper towel to wick away any remaining water. Gently place the egg on the seasoned toast. Drizzle the egg with your best olive oil, sprinkle with more flakey salt, then sprinkle with chili flakes, or grind Tellicherry pepper on top. Don’t delay eating it!

©2015 christopher lee