the past manic five days included chez panisse up and down (nothing more to say there), bar jules (so great!), zuni café (delicious chicken), piccino (a hidden surprise!), café fanny's terrific eggs several times, of course... 

then there was the wonderful michael recchiuti, patient doug volkmer at acme on 9th, acme on cedar, culture-rich pizzaiolo, over-the-top bakesale betty, tartine tartine tartine (on another plane)... bi-rite (very busy, but no sam or morgan)

both pasta shops (market hall location is spectacular), marin sun farms, esteemed café rouge meats, bittersweet on college (doing the right thing, their thing), xocolate (a chocolate grotto), ici (here, from paris), summer kitchen (charlene, you love, and paul), grégoire (just a visit), cheeseboard (collective)

ferry plaza was a revelation, an annunciation, for them - boccalone, boulette's larder, il cane rosso, out the door, acme again, alan king's fish shop, cow girl

and outside in the rain: al @ frog hollow, della fattoria (we were theirs, they were mine, you are what you are), dan @ flatland, christy knoll, happy girl kitchen (new to me), the sprout guy, andante - i suddenly realized what we have here that exists nowhere else, not nyc, not uk, not europe - it's right here, all of it!

across town were trés francaise miette, sleek and slick fatted calf, ever so cool blue bottle kiosk, off topic to gimme shoes for two of us (nothing bought), delivered my manual little pasta machine to ryan, hip hip bar tartine (thank you chris!), then to paolo's childhood friend who owns la ciccia with his lovely wife, donella, a wonderful meal with lots of shellfish and lovely sardinian wines, totally charmed us

wow, what did i forget? an impromptu visit early sunday morning to bob, who lives in the heavens and lets some few of us see it, if we can, with a only gesture